Monday, April 22, 2013

The Most Important Post on This Blog

If you don't read the rest of my blog, read THIS.

Sustaining and fixing the environment is without a doubt the number one cause I am in support of. Why? Because in a hundred years (yes, the oil reserves are depleting QUICKLY), the world will become much, much more troublesome if we don't do something RIGHT NOW.

There won't be only poverty or rape, war or crime to worry about; everything will come down full force and even worse once our climate takes a turn. Just what do you imagine will happen when the oil reserves deplete? Do you honestly believe we will avoid war? Unless we find some alternate energy, we won't be able to avoid the mad dash that will ensue for the remaining sources of energy. It's simple logic. And we aren't nearly as close as we should be in our search for efficient alternate energy. It's a matter of numbers, and we're looking bleak right now.

I truly believe most people take this information as white noise. As something that won't affect them. I'm sorry, but it will. In our lifetimes. And if not, then the next, and I am so, so scared of what will happen then.

You may believe global warming does not exist but you can't deny climate change, acid raid, incredible, devastating pollution, and so much more, occur due to human causes. You can't deny that there is so much more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere than there was just two hundred years ago -- and you can't deny that most of it came from factories, not from 'normal transitional patterns of nature'. Just read the first paragraph of this National Geographic article.

It's hilarious to think that humans have devastated the planet. No. In a few centuries, it will be nature that will devastate us. We're dealing and messing with a force that we arrogantly believe we can control, a force which contains the mountains and the wind itself. Almost all of us will die if we don't change our ways. Drastic, but true.

But I am not in support of Earth Day because I am afraid of what will come. I'm in support of it because I feel we are doing a grave, grave wrong. I support it because it bothers me to such an incredible degree that we think we are above nature. That we can do such cruel and horrible things to such amazing beauties. That we can tamper with such majestic things.

It tortures me to see videos such as this:

Yes, the video is from PETA. No, I do not support their more impassioned methods. Yes, I do believe their raw, actual videos are something all people -- not only Americans -- should see.

We need to open our eyes.

Did you see the live skinning of the dog in that video? Did you see its lidless black irises, its bleeding muscles, and bleeding eyes? And did you see it MOVE ITS HEAD WHEN IT WAS TOSSED IN A PILE OF OTHER SKINNED DOGS?

That's in China. We can't do much for it. But you know what we can do? Stop wearing anything with fur. They live off of our demand. Give them no demand, and they'll stop. We can do something.

Go back to Pocahontas and watch this song once again. It's truly one of the most genius Disney songs, and something that everyone should understand.

The news of a bulldozed forest saddens me. Seeing cities grow in places such as the majestic Smoky Mountains depresses me. Seeing the purity of nature, such purity, fall victim to human hands saddens me. Some things shouldn't be tampered with.

Call me a tree-hugger. I'll love it. But I love what humans have done as well. Love it so, so much. It's all about balance, guys, and right now, nature is losing. Bring it back to a balance. Please.

So this Earth Day, turn off the lights in your home when you leave the room. Cut down your shower by five minutes. Turn the faucet off while you brush.

Plant a tree. Buy some florescent bulbs. Turn your thermostat up two degrees in the summer, and down two degrees in the winter. This will save an enormous amount of energy. The amazing thing is, much of the energy-saving tips actually save you an incredible amount of money as well. It's a win-win.

Recycle. For heaven's sake, recycle. We have a two-trashcan system set up in our home. One for recyclables, one for trash. The recyclables usually fill up faster. And recycle those soda cans! One recycled soda can can power a TV for three hours.

And, even if you don't do any of that, do this:
  • Walk through a forest.
  • Look at the night sky and imagine all the stars you can no longer see.
  • Take a trip to Arizona, Montana, Wyoming -- anywhere where nature takes over.
  • Breathe in fresh air.
Then tell me that you don't want to do something to save all this from destruction. Tell me you don't feel an incredible, overwhelming rush at seeing this all.

Please. Do something. If not for yourself, then do it for the lives of the yet unborn billions. Lives that depend on how we will act today. Today.

This is one of the most important messages I'll ever share. I hope you got something out of it. Not only that, I hope it motivated you to act. Even if you don't believe the climate will change drastically, do it for the love of nature and all that is pure.

I was supposed to post some stuff about Twitter and the Query Kombat contest today, but I felt this was by far more important. Follow my blog to keep up with the contest and other posts :)

How do you guys feel about this? Happy Earth Day, guys!

Oh wow. It's 1:10 am as I write this. I need to sleep! Night guys!


  1. Very impassioned post, SC! We can all plant trees...there are plenty of alternative fuels, but the petrol companies keep buying up the patents.

  2. Sorry, glad I didn't watch the video if they were skinning live dogs. Animal cruelty is just horrible.

  3. It is because of this passionate post that you have a new follower! I live in the beautiful, serene mountains of western NC in a city where everyone is considered a tree-hugger:) We need to be in awe of nature, co-exist with her and give back as much, if not more, than we take. I really think our society has lost touch with nature and that travesty will lead to our downfall.
    Those who fail to appreciate the wonder of our planet care little to sustain it. Everyone needs to take a break from the shiny gadgets and distractions of our every day and walk out into the real world in reconnect with what's truly important, even if that's just every once and awhile, it will make a difference in their perception - show them what we stand to lose - which is everything!

  4. Great post. Sorry, due to PTSD issues, didn't watch video.

    The thing is, today, right now, we can live, work, do all kinds of things without harming nature. But money drives much of the machine.

    Yup, I'm a tree hugger. Happily so. Unfortunately, I'm the minority in this small WY town that is run by the oil/gas/mining companies.

    We shall learn, it is going to take some hard lessons, but eventually, it will be do or die.

  5. Great post! And I didn't realize it was Earth Day so I really appreciate the reminder.

  6. I love Color of the Wind! It really gets me right in the heart. I think of it whenever I see the sycamore in our yard.

  7. Although I agree with your suggestions to help the planet, and love to "hug trees" myself, I have to get on my anti-Peta platform. As a veterinarian who has worked with shelters and pounds in the past and present, I find Peta's euthanasia rates completely scandalous. They are a hypocritical group practicing psychological warfare. I realize you just used their video to prove a point, but be very careful about promoting them in any way. I really wanted to attach a link I saw recently, but could not find it. I attached a few others to prove my point. I realize this may turn you off, but please "look before you leap" where Peta is concerned. They can't really care about animals when they act this way. They believe people shouldn't even have pets. That somehow this is cruel, to take them into our homes, provide for them and love them. How they have come to this conclusion, I don't know. No, I didn't watch your Peta video because from your description, I think it would haunt me for years. After working with animal control, I've already seen enough mistreatment of animals to last a lifetime. (to explain, it wasn't animal control at fault--I'm speaking of the malnourished, often close to death animals they brought to me to return to life if and when I could)

  8. And, on a more positive note, here's a "Help your pets go green" link:

  9. You are right on all counts, SC. I could not (nor had the desire) to watch the video. You described it sufficiently well to know what horrors the poor animals endure. I truly believe the human race is the cancer of this beautiful planet.

    I try to live my life as if every day is Earth Day.

    If there were more people like you, the planet would be a much nicer/safer place.

    I love your passion. In that respect, we are much the same xx

  10. Maybe we'll go extinct like dinosaurs and Earth will get a new start.

  11. I didn't even realize it was Earth Day. If any place needs lessons on conservation and sustainability, it's Egypt. But they're wrapped up in today and arguing about tomorrow. I guess third world countries will never "get it."
    Great post!

  12. I didn't watch the video, but I'm sick knowing the little bit you described about it. I think people should be punished as severely for harming animals as they are for harming other people. Someday, I'd love to start a charity for animals, one that gets the job done. :)