Monday, April 1, 2013

Contest Winners, & I Quit Blogging

Rabbit, rabbit!

About me quitting blogging.

It was a tough decision. Truly. But blogging just takes up way too much time, and although I had a lot of hope for more contests and the like, I don't think I can do all of this anymore.

You guys were amazing. Really. I loved meeting every single one of you and you made me feel like I wasn't alone in this publication hope I have. I don't think I'll ever forget you guys.

This will be my last post, and a happy one at that -- I'm announcing the winners of the "Become an Agent Contest" :) Hopefully, it will lighten my mood. I'm going to shut down my blog tomorrow....


Lol. I'm not quitting blogging. And this won't be my last post (*fingers crossed*). I JUST LOVE ME MY APRIL FOOLS JOKES!!! Everyone around me in my real life: beware. This is my favorite holiday (it really is, not lying). I love the writerly community, guys. I'm not quitting blogging today :)

Now, the contest.

First of all, you guys were AWESOME. Truly. I couldn't believe all the great critiques, comments, and feedback you were giving each other -- and so many of you went above and beyond and critiqued queries you weren't even required to! That is amazing. You guys are truly wonderful. Thank you so much for being such amazing people.

Here are the winners:

First place:

1. Post #16 with 7 Yes's.

Tied for second place:

1. Post #1 with 6 Yes's.
2. Post #11 with 6 Yes's.
3. Michelle Huak (Post #12) with 6 Yes's.

(Comment or email me, all winners, if you are okay with/want me to post your names as well. I was about to, but then I stopped. I think I should ask permission first :D)

It was close, guys, and you all had good queries. You should be so proud of yourselves.

WAIT. There's more.

Shell Flower made a great suggestion in the comments of this post. And I think that idea is great.
  • If you want to post one query revision in the comments of your query submission, go ahead. (Just one revision. If it becomes a query critique forum, it'd be too crazy :D) 
  • Then, others can critique it by replying to that comment. No more limits on Yes's. Just vote Yes or No, and go in depth (like you've been doing :D).
  • If you do critique others' queries, feel free to link or put your post number in that critique so others can find your query.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS. NOT AT ALL! Seriously, I really, really mean it. You guys have done such a great job already. This is for those who want to hone their queries a little more. So if you got a lot of Yes's, don't bother. Seriously. You don't have to do this. You have no obligations whatsoever. None of us (I hope) will mind if you decide not to do more critiques. In the end, it means more work. You don't need to do this. (I'm trying to make it as clear as possible, if you can't tell, hehe.)

If you do revisions, just say so in the comment section of this post, and include your query's post number. That way, others can find your queries faster. And if you get a critique, it'd be great if you returned the favor :)

1st place winner, check your email soon :)

FEEDBACK TIMEEE!!!!!!!! What'd you like to see changed next time? Any other contest idea?

Thank you for making this contest such a success! You all were truly amazing and kind (I smiled/glowed/beamed every time you guys said you enjoyed the contest). You guys are fantastic :)


  1. So, I'm up for critiquing more queries. Anybody else? My rewrite is in post 6.

  2. Having only read a little of this post in Google Reader, I thought I'd mosey on over and wish you all the best, when I thought I'd better continue reading ....

    Very funny!

  3. You so had me going with the quitting blogging thing. OMG. It was my first April Fools all day, so I'm glad you got me. LOL.

    I am definitely up for posting my updated query (since I'm the one that asked for that) and critiquing a few queries. Mine is post #14. I'll go post my new query now. Thanks!

  4. You seriously got me for a minute :-P Happy April Fools!

    Mine is post #15 - I'm adding my updated version to the comments there. Yay!

  5. I was seriously SO sad. You got me, man. Hook, line, and sinker!

    Congrats to all the winners! I was offline last week and missed voting, but I did read a lot of the queries! THis is a great contest, SC!

  6. 1. You SO got me.

    2. I wanted to publicly say thanks to you, and all, for participating.

    3. I would like to re-query, with an explanation.

    I found it really interesting that the folks who said "yes" to mine liked that it was unorthodox, and the "no" folks said it should be a standard query. I think I have the best of both worlds, actually. I have revised my non-standard query, based on the suggestions, and thought I'd see how it works. If it does not, I can try a more standard query.

    So it's in #20.

    And again, thank you to all. Understand that I took all of your comments, yes and no, to heart.

  7. Gah!!!! I was about to need a tissue, lol. Here I am just getting to know you, and I thought you were abandoning me. I do have to admit, it was a priceless trick, so five stars for you!

    I wish I would've had more time to invest in your contest. The queries I read were great! You did a super job putting everything together. :)

  8. You seriously got me on your April Fools joke. I couldn't believe it!

    Thank you so much for having this contest. I'm in shock that I got so many yes's! Thanks to everybody for their comments! You're all awesome!

  9. Haha. That was a great April Fools joke! :) Glad you're not quitting tho :)

  10. SC!!!!!!!

    YOU ABOUT GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!!!!! Because I'm reading this today and not on April 1st, the whole prank thing was out of my mind and I totally believed you...

    *shakes head*


  11. I should have known it was April Fools! Totally got me! (It's my favorite holiday, too!) Congrats to all the winners--this was an awesome contest and really helpful!

  12. You got me worried. I'd forgotten all about April Fools. Like everyone else, I BELIEVED YOU!!!!!