Friday, March 22, 2013

Winners of Become an Agent (Query) Contest!

I just came up with the name for this contest (instead of calling it "Query Contest"). Sad. I know. I came up with a catchy name after the contest ended. Grrr.
And, just WOW. I never realized just how amazing the writer's community is and just when I thought I did, I was in for a shocker once again. Everyone was so, so helpful when it came to spreading word about this contest. It was truly amazing. You guys are just fantastic.

All right.

Due to all your amazing efforts, I got double the required entries! That's just amazing. And even MORE amazing: these queries are doggone fantastic, people. I don't envy you having to vote Yes on just a few. If there are any agents lurking around here, take note! These manuscripts will be the future book deals.

I emailed the entrants yesterday, and the general consensus was to allow all 20 entries to be a part of this contest. Yay!! So instead of 10 queries going up on Monday, all 20 will go up.

If I you got an email with the subject "Contest Information (!!!)" you are in! Email me if you didn't get the email but think you got your query in on time.

What does this increase in number mean in terms of voting?

For the entrants
  • Entrants will have to critique a minimum of seven other queries and can vote Yes on two out of those seven. They must critique at least seven and give a however brief explanation as to why they voted Yes or No.
  • Entrants must critique the seven queries above their post (each post will have a post number). So, if you have post #9, you critique #2 through #8. But, say, if you have #3, you critique numbers 2, 1, then from the bottom, 20, 19, 18, 17, and 16.
  • If entrants finish critiquing their seven queries and so amazingly want to critique more, then they have two choices:
  1. Give a Yes or No for seven other queries and have two Yes's for the batch of seven. (And, if they want to go on, have two Yes's for the other six queries remaining (20 - 7 -7 = 6).
  2. Give only a Yes for two more queries out of the entire rest of the entries (no need to give/explain a No vote).
  • So, basically, if you give a Yes and No vote for all 20, you have 6 Yes's in total.
For the audience
  • Audience members have only three Yes votes for the whole lot! (With no need to give/explain No's.) However, if the awesome audience does decide to give/explain No's, then just follow the same rules for the entrants.
  • The only difference between the audience and the entrant voting procedures is that entrants are required to give a minimum of seven critiques and explain Yes or No for each one.

There is no need for an elaborate explanation for each vote! Pretend you are agents and are sifting through your slush pile. Will you give an in depth critique for all of them? But if you want to give an in depth critique, please, do so. That'd be awesome :D

Queries will go up on Monday.

Entrants: If you feel like doing one last revision over the weekend, send me your revised query by Sunday 9pm EST and make sure I reply in a few hours (so you know I got the revision).

Thank you guys so much for spreading the word for this contest!

Are you excited for Monday? (You shouldn't be. It's going to be incredibly tough to vote Yes on only a few of these amazing queries.)

Any questions?


  1. Awesome you had such a great turnout!

  2. Yay! Really looking forward to this!!

  3. Holy Cats in a Cradle, You, Sir (darned well not a madam) are the amazing one for putting on this show. Kudos to you.
    CD Coffelt ponders at Spirit Called
    And critiques at UnicornBell

  4. If this was stated and I missed it, apologies. Are our critiques and yes/no supposed to be done as blog comments, or sent in an email to you?

    1. Right in the comments section of each query (each query will be in a separate blog post) :D

  5. Yay! This is so exciting. I can't wait to see all the fabulous queries!

  6. I'm all excited! Especially since I managed to kick the stomach flu to the curb BEFORE the contest...

  7. I'm so glad you got so many entrants! My blogger list if flooded. lol