Monday, March 4, 2013

The JK Rowling Story - Why I LOVE Her

Ever wondered why I love JK Rowling so much? Why she is such an inspiration to me?

Well, Lifetime did a movie on her called Magic Beyond Words - The JK Rowling Story, and it is for free on YouTube (I'll post a link below). Watch this movie and then tell me that she is not deserving of all that she has gotten.

Disclaimer: some events in the movie are only speculated at. I know this because I've watched every interview of JKR that I could get my hands on, and some things, she just does not share (and is in now way expected to; privacy, people). It is an UNOFFICIAL biography, but it is still pretty amazing.

It's like a film of her life, and the actress that plays her looks a bit like JKR too.

The movie is a treasure for writers, which is why I want you all to watch it. It's for free, too, and yesterday, I spent more than an hour of (supposedly) writing time to watch it. But I felt it was worth it. So what? Don't write for ONE day (even though I still wrote a lot yesterday. I was that inspired by the movie). Instead, watch a movie that will inspire you to write for a long time. Really.

There are parts in this movie that will ring true for us writers - getting rejected by agents, and for those lucky few who HAVE agents, getting rejected by publishers.

But, above it all, it's a story of a woman, a woman who faced many hard times and did what we all dream to achieve. It's an incredibly humane story, and we are humans, not only writers. Too often we neglect that part of us.

The movie is in parts of about 10 minutes each, so don't watch them all at once (like I did) if you don't want to. Watch them whenever you feel like it. She is a true inspiration.

(Not my video. All rights reserved to Lifetime Entertainment. And whoever else! I'm not good with legal stuff :( )

Again, the dialogue, the actual interactions between the people - all speculative. What happened with her first husband and her father is not entirely certain, but there are strong, strong guesses (which this film takes as fact). After all, one can't know exactly what happened, and JK Rowling was not a contributor to this film. However, the facts are all there, and the big events are true.

Have fun watching! (And if you don't watch, you're missing out, but still, I won't get upset :D)

I guess what I want to know is: Who/What inspires you to write? JK Rowling is one part of my love of writing (I wrote a lot even before I read Harry Potter). How about you? Who is your inspiration?


  1. I could use some inspiration to write.

  2. J.K. Rowling inspires me too! I love the fact that she kept going when the rejections were piling up. Even more than that, I thinks it's amazing how her publishing deal came to be. Really, it all boiled down to an editor's kid liking her book, right? It just goes to show how fast our lives can change, and we never know who God will use to bring our dreams to pass. :) I do plan on watching the movie. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow. I'm going to have to watch this. From what I know of her I love her too :)

  4. I love Rowling's stories and her story - such an amazing woman and imagination!

    I think my inspiration mostly comes from Anne of Green Gables and Star Trek - there are more, but those are the biggest I think :)

  5. I love JK Rowling too. Will make a point of watching the video later.


  6. If anyone makes a movie out of my life *yawn*, I want an actress who looks over ten years younger than me, too. lol

    I love how JK's initial success came from word of mouth on the playgrounds in England.

  7. Ooh! I will definitely watch this when I get the chance too!

  8. Something I often think about... I'm trying to get agents interested in a book of mine. I think of it as a novel, though it is seven interconnected short stories. I recognize that short stories are a tough sell to publishers. But I want to say to prospective agents, without directly comparing myself to J.K., "You know, I wonder how many agents and publishers said, 'I think your idea for a boy wizard is neat. But 300 pages, for a kids' book? No way.' "

  9. Definitely worth watching. She is such an amazing woman and I truly believe she deserves everything she has earned! Thanks for sharing this video :)