Friday, February 1, 2013

Why Twitter is Fantastic for Writers

There are three online things that I think help writers the most.

1. Writer Community Groups (such as Agent Query Connect).

2. Blogs

3. Twitter.

This blog post will focus on Twitter, and in the future, I will go back and talk more in depth about the benefits of blogs and community groups.

Why is Twitter so great?

It is so easy and personal.

Twitter's interface is incredibly simple; even the most technologically-disabled person can handle it.
To add on, you do not need to Tweet like crazy. You can come to Twitter just to get help and learn. Who cares if you don't have 2304982309492!@#@*(@0923 followers (yes, I realize some of those are not numbers)? When it comes to writing, the main thing you have to worry about is the book itself. Worry more about followers once you have to. Enjoy the peace :D

Twitter is fantastic for getting help, but you have to know where to look.

First off, hashtags.

Some of the best ones are #pubtib, #writetip, #10queriesin10tweets (and the new #5pagesin5tweets), and #askagent. (#askagent is FANTASTIC. Tweet the agents that are online (and doing #askagent) a question, and they'll answer! Great for personal help.)

Get on them hash tags. Them is awesome.

Secondly, the people/accounts.

Follow the accounts that are actually helpful for writers. I suggest agents and interns. One amazing account is @.... GOOD GOSH I FORGOT. And I can't find him/her anywhere! It was SUCH A GOOD ACCOUNT! ARGH! I literally spent 15-20 minutes just reading the person's tweets! Ugh. #disappointed.

(For those who aren't hip and happenin', hashtags (like #disappointed) are mega-tight to express emotion and other thoughts, dawg (I really don't speak or write like this in real life)).

I'll put the account in the next post if I remember it.

But investigate the hashtags and see which tweets are the most helpful. From there, follow the accounts that make those tweets. Chances are, the account's other tweets will be just as helpful

So get on that Twitter train, writers! Twitter need not just be a social networking site. You can use it to help you along as well :D

Do you use Twitter? If so, get in touch with me (@SC_Author)! Do you find Twitter helpful?

Oh, and happy first of February, guys! Rabbit Rabbit! (It's good luck.)


  1. I'm on Twitter, I have a lot of followers, and I still have no idea what I am doing. I'm getting better about using Hashtags. And I'm a member of Triberr. That's helped.

  2. Great post, as usual SC! I really should get on the tweeting thing. Maybe this is the year....

    Maybe not.


  3. I TOTALLY used to be addicted to twitter. Like, for reals. It's such a great resource for us writers. I'm better though now. I keep a healthy distance, yet keep a presence, LOL.

  4. Did you ever remember the Twitter account? lol You could've checked your history, I'm sure. :)