Monday, December 17, 2012

A Great and Cheap Gift Idea for Writers/Readers

WOOO!!!!!! It's holiday time! That means music, trees, snow (please, please come, snow), and in general, happiness. But everyone gets in a conundrum when they think of what to get for their friends, family, and acquaintances.
I do not own this picture. But in a week or so, I MIGHT
own what is inside :)
Are you in a fix as to what you will give to that special writerly friend, that amazing reader, or your fantastic critique/book group? Maybe your family and friends like books as well (even if they aren't writers)? Here is an idea for you.

This was an idea we implemented in my family:

Everyone buys one book for the other! WOO!


No, seriously, it is actually quite awesome. Each person has to pick out that one amazing book for the other and has to think about what the person might enjoy. It is like bonding over books, and seeing just how well you know the other. And it is fun to put other people in suspense (except if it is me. I don't like being in suspense).

First off, it is cheap (it is usually less than twenty dollars for a book, and you get free Amazon shipping during this season for orders over $25 (or something)). Secondly, it is more personal. I love personal gifts more than impersonal ones; it's the thought that counts. You will remember the person who gave you a book more than you will remember the person who gave you a gift card. Gift cards, money, toys, and tools are transitory -- they lack an emotional impact or get used up. Books don't. Plus, we writers love books :) It's a direct shot straight into our hearts.

If you are far away from your critique partner or family, send a Kindle book or use Amazon shipping to send the book straight to the recipient. This idea is amazing because it will feel as if there is no distance between you guys at all. It will be more personal.

I, for one, can't wait to see what my family gets me (and I can't wait to see their expressions when I give them their books). I'm going to have a pretty darn good time!

Get shopping guys, you've got only a week or so left!


  1. My hard to shop for husband surprised me this weekend when he announced he wants baking recipe books. O-kay. :)

  2. Brilliant.

    And spot on. A book is more personal---and I know it's all I want for Christmas!

  3. I often buy books for my wife. A few years back I bought "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." Of course, I also bought her a Nook once.

  4. You can never have too many books! And of course reading leads to better writing! Reading the Bible was actually part of the inspiration for my own book- can you imagine what others are inspired to write from their books?

  5. Books make awesome gifts! I'm surprised at how much we order from Amazon every year, but they all turn into cherished items. :)