Friday, November 30, 2012

The Final Day of NaNo. PUSH THROUGH!

As of right now, Thursday night, 10:42 pm, I have 3,151 words left to reach 50,000 words for NaNo. It is November 29th, so I have two more days (counting tonight) to finish this up.

Why does it get so much harder when you are so, so close?

Case in point: right now, instead of writing, I'm blogging. And the thing is, I KNOW I should be writing because I need to make tomorrow as easy as possible.

I've been working towards this for an entire month, and now, when I'm only a few thousand words away, I feel like giving in. Hopelessness feeds on itself; the worse I feel, the worse I will feel. I'm experiencing Writer's Lag at one of the worst possible times ever.


I need the motivation to break through the finish line.

I need to tell myself that there are only two more days, two more days, two more writing sessions, and you are DONE. No more sleepless nights (trust me, this month has been bad for my 8 hours). No more panicking over missed days.


This is the home stretch, so this post will be short so I can get back to writing :) COME ON, I CAN DO THIS! WOO!!

I'm my own cheerleader.... The awesome life of being a writer.

This really sounds so stupid as I'm writing it in my bed and cheering inside my head. Trust me. You all will read it later, but I'm kind of writing to myself right now. It sounds really stupid.


Ok, bye! Wish me luck!

ETA: I just finished up writing for the night at 12:09 am, Friday morning (this is actually good, relatively speaking, for me). I have 1,568 words to write tomorrow, and I am DONE. AHH!! SUPER EXCITED!!! Wish me luck (again)!


  1. 1568 is less than the daily goal - you can do it!

  2. I hope you reached it! So, so close :)

  3. Hollllly... SO PROUD OF YOU, SC. Serious. Amazing. You've got to feel so accomplished, if not TOTALLY exhausted!!!!