Monday, November 19, 2012

A New Blog Series! Myth Busting Writerly Quotes

Yay!!!! A new blog series for this blog!!! Woo!!!!! *throws confetti*

I'm obsessed with quotes, and I've been thinking, "Why haven't I been blogging more about them?" So that was the inspiration for this blog series. Nothing too fancy of an inspiration, but a bit of back story for those world building fans out there (I love you).

The premise of the series is this:

There are so many quotes that writers hear, but how on Earth can they all be true? Some say show, some say tell. The reason for this is that no one has (or probably, will) discover the 100%, undeniable 'secret' to writing a best seller. Thus, there is a lot of advice out there, which is more or less an amalgamation of guesses at what could be true.

Show, don't tell.

No back story.

Don't start with a dream.

The way to becoming a writer is to write.

Don't expect masterpieces from first drafts.

Plot or Pants?


Which ones are true? Which ones are false? Which quotes can be twisted to reveal all the nuggets of wisdom they have to offer?

I, ever your humble servant, will try to answer these questions for you in a way that will draw from my own writing experiences, from advice given by industry professionals (agents, editors, published authors, etc.), and from advice from my fellow writers who aspire to be published.

I will either give each quote a status of Busted, Proved, or Mined (like mining for gold, a.k.a. dug deeper into the quote to get more from it. Usually, writers don't dig deep enough to understand all the information they can truly achieve from a quote).

Rest assured, I will be listing my sources and whatnot so you can verify my claim (please, don't take any opinion as fact until you've heard all the viewpoints).

Are you guys excited? I sure am :) These "Myth Busting Quotes" posts will probably happen once or twice a month. I truly hope that both you and I will learn a TON from these posts :)

However, I need your help. What quotes do you want to see analyzed? Give me ones you think are a doozy. I'll try my hardest to handle them, and will write up posts for every one in the coming months. Thank you!


  1. Think it's a great idea! Of course, since it's Monday, the brain still isn't working yet, so can't think of any 'rules' outside of the ones you've listed...

  2. Oh my gosh... I LOVE this, SC. For reals. What a great idea! I can't wait!

  3. Can't wait! I actually used my first "Show, don't tell!" comment on a friend's work. lol

  4. Looking forward to your new series!