Friday, October 5, 2012

Cover Reveal! GRAVE INTENTIONS -- Lori Sjoberg

Well, well, we have here the lovely Lori Sjoberg, writer and fellow AQCer :)

Her new book, GRAVE INTENTIONS, is graced with....

(Drum roll, please.)


beautiful cover! (The inclusion of the scythe mans it up a bit for me. Awesome touch.)

*Applause, applause*

Here is a little interview with Lori about her new book :) It sounds to DIE for (you'll see my cleverness in this when you read the interview. My humor is killing me).

Now for Lori:

1.  Give me one word describing your book. - ONE?

You're killing me here. (Yay :)  Score one for me!) Okay, I would say the one word that best describes Grave Intentions is "Rebirth."

1a. OK, now you can go a bit more in depth :) What's your book about?

 Grave Intentions is the story of David Anderson, a Grim Reaper who's lost his grip on humanity, and Sarah Griffith, a mortal woman who fears she's losing her mind.  When their lives become entangled, each experiences a rebirth of sorts.  Sarah breathes new life onto the dying embers of David's humanity, while David opens Sarah's mind to a reality she's never considered.  And just when things are looking great, Fate throws a wrench into the works...

TOLD YOU my above humor was clever!!!

2. What part of the cover do you love the most?

Two words: Man Cleavage. Is that some major eye candy or what?

3. What is the story behind this book? In other words, how was the writing journey, and what difficulties did you face in writing it?

I'm one of those writers who doesn't write in chronological order.  I write whatever scenes pop into my head and eventually stitch them all together to form a cohesive story.  For Grave Intentions, the end scene was the first to come to mind, so I had to reverse engineer the rest of the story.  That meant trying to figure out who these characters were, and why they were doing what they were doing.  (David came to me pretty quickly, but Sarah took a bit of fine tuning before I was satisfied with her character.)  Once that was accomplished, I wrote a very general outline and went from there.  The process proved difficult at times, especially when trying to stitch everything together and some of the pieces don't fit.  There were several scenes that simply had no place in the manuscript, so they're forever buried deep in the recesses of my hard drive.

4. What is your favorite scene in the book? (You CAN tease.)

At one point, Sarah assumes that David and his male apprentice are actually a couple. When David finds out, his reaction is priceless. (Actually, my favorite scene is the final scene, but I don't want to say anything to give it away.)
My favorite scenes are usually the conclusions as well.

5. Which is your favorite character? Why?

The heroine, Sarah Griffith.  I loved writing her because she's smart and strong, but far from perfect.  Her family has a history of mental illness, which is one of the reasons she's pursued a career in medical research.  She's fiercely analytical, and refuses to believe in ghosts, or ghouls, or anything that can't be scientifically proven.  Imagine her surprise when she discovers her next door neighbor is the harbinger of death.  

6. If you could compare your book to any other book in the world (or other worlds), which would it be?

 Jeez, that's tough. I haven't read any books that share enough of the same elements to draw an in-depth comparison to Grave Intentions. On A Pale Horse has some similarities in regards to the physical incarnation of death, while No Rest for the Wicked has similarities in character arc and tone. 

7. What do you feel would be the best compliment to receive on this book?

 That s/he loved the book so much they put it on their keeper shelf.

8. Main drive of your book: Characters, or plot?

Characters. The plot serves as a catalyst for Sarah & David's character arcs.

Ooh, I like the sound of that! That's one of my favorite types of books.

9. Best sentence ever from your book. (Hehehe, I'm evil.)

I'm going to cheat and use two. Not sure if they're the best, but I love the way they set the tone for the scene, and David's attitude about being a reaper:
"And then everything grew quiet, leaving only the smell of burnt rubber and the faint whimper of the dying."

"Time to get to work."

10. Lastly, what is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches. It's a meal and a snack, all rolled into one. What more could you ask for?

That's the end :) Thanks for allowing me to host your reveal!

My pleasure. That comparison question was brutal! Thanks again for the opportunity!


After graduating from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Lori worked for nearly a decade in retail management. When that got boring, she switched to financial planning, and then insurance. The writing bug bit a few years later. After completing her first manuscript, she joined the Romance Writers of America and Central Florida Romance Writers. Now she exercises the analytical half of her brain at work, and the creative half writing paranormal romance. When she’s not doing either one of those, she’s usually spending time with her husband and children of the four-legged variety.

You can socialize with the amazing Lori on:

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(And read her full bio on her website. It's funny :) )

Hope you had fun! What are your thoughts on the cover?


  1. I don't think I could ever write a book out of order! I would confuse myself.

    1. It can get confusing at times, but it's the way my brain works. I tried to write linear, and it gave me a terrible case of writer's block. *shrugs* Go figure.

  2. Writing from the end to the beginning ... that takes talent!

    1. I'll take the compliment, (Thanks!) but it's just how my brain's wired. :-)

  3. Thanks again for hosting my cover reveal! The interview was a blast!

  4. Great interview! I can't imagine writing out of order, although I do have out of order scenes running through my head all the time. Can't write them down though!

    Love those 2 sentences - they really do set a tone! :)