Monday, September 10, 2012

When You Just Can't Write

It's been so depressing, almost. For about... what, three days now? Probably more. I just haven't been writing. Not even a word (except the random stuff, of course).

I think it's because I ended at this scene (really, a letter) which the entire first third of my book led up to. I had been dreaming and hoping, "YES, once I write that part, the rest of the book will be a roller-coaster and I'll write it all so so fast." That didn't happen.

I've written the scene, and now I'm just... I don't know. Maybe I don't know where to go from here? But I do know -- I have several scenes in my head. Scenes I've been dying to write.

Maybe it's because this scene is so big, and it's the turning point of the whole novel. Everything changes after that, and I don't know.... It's as if this is so new, so changed, that it's scary to go into. Everyone fears change, and I don't want my characters' lives to change. But, it's necessary.

And the kicker? I know that once I write that first sentence, all this nervousness will vanish. But I just can't get myself to write that first sentence. I go blank when I think about it, and I'm almost too scared to open that notebook. But if I open it, it will all be better!

Maybe I should just wait until this wears off and I have time to write; when I'm ready to write. I'm probably just kidding myself. Ugh. This sucks.

I WANT TO WRITE!!! But I don't have that first sentence in my mind. It's like trying to write the opening sentence of a new novel; there is so much in your mind for the book, but that dratted first sentence... you just can't get past it. UGHH!

Ok. I have to write. Maybe tomorrow. I might take a few days to settle down and itch to write again, but I don't know. I should get writing! :(

Here is some advice I'll give out but I might not follow till tomorrow or something.

Just write it.

It doesn't matter that it might suck; edit it later. Just write something horrible for that first sentence, or even that first scene, and write the amazing stuff that comes after. THEN, rewrite the crappy. Just write. Face your fear and nervousness and just write.

Even use something like this: "David freaks out in this here" AND THAT WILL BE ALL! End scene! Don't write anything else. This way, you've "written" it already and it's all done. It's good for chronological writers. Later, come back and "rewrite" it. This would work great :) I heard it at LeakyCon Lit 2012.

Now someone, please, tell repeat this to me as well? I think I'm finally feeling up to writing now.... Blogging does wonders for this kind of stuff.

Have you ever faced this?

ETA: The night after I wrote this blog post, I settled in bed, decided to get my notebook out, and I wrote about 1,000 words :) It has ended!


  1. Just pick a scene later on to write. That might get you going again. And yes, some big scenes just drain me and I come to a halt.

  2. Yes, you should just write it. Intentionally write it as bad and as wordy as you can. Then pick out the good stuff and throw the rest away.

  3. When I start a first draft I have a moment of panic before I put that first word down. All through the first draft I'm like, 'this is crap.'

    But it won't be crap if we keep going. :)

  4. I feel your pain all to well. For some reason, I have a hard time getting started. I waste oodles of time. I need to put my fingers to the keyboard and type something. Anything!

    Great post.

  5. I never freak out when I hit a period of not writing because I know I'm bound to start up again. Also don't believe in the "just write" methodology. It's like "There's a wall in your way? Just walk through it." What? lol

    But hurray that you started up again.

    Whenever I have scenes in my head but I've suddenly gotten stuck, that usually means I have things that need to connect what I last wrote with where I want to get.