Saturday, September 22, 2012

JK Rowling on E-Books

First off, so, SO sorry for missing my post yesterday! I remembered late at night about 12.30 when I was in bed and I was like "Noooooo." Then I conked out.

I hope I can make it up by this post :)

So, in a recent interview (I know it's recent, because I've been stalking Mugglenet waiting for more information about The Casual Vacancy to pop up), JK Rowling, when asked, "Is the Kindle the future of literature, or is it the death of publishing?" replied:

"It's somewhere in between."

PLEASE, watch/listen to the rest of her answer in the interview. The answer starts at around 5:40ish. She goes into saying the Kindle has had a huge impact on the industry, and that reading is good on whatever device. But, she also says she will be "faithful to paper" but understands the "appeal of a digital book" as well.

Applause, please.

I have been waiting to hear what JK Rowling had to say about this current divide in our otherwise coalesced writing community. As she exemplified, it is NOT "us" against "them". We are a writing family, for gosh sake.

Just because people love e-books doesn't make them "bad" people. Just because people only read hardcovers doesn't make them "inflexible" (pun SO intended). Live and let live. Would you not like your future (or current) published book to be distributed in every format  possible?

One thing I REALLY don't like seeing is other writers getting upset or even angry about e-books. I'm truly sorry to break it to them, but they are GOOD. Nothing lives on in this world unless it is good. The bad will die out eventually, even if it takes centuries, because people are smart enough to realize there is something better in store. History is but an experiment.

No matter how much someone might hate them or get angry about e-books' popularity, who are they to get up in arms about something so many others love? We are writers, for Pete's sake. We WRITE. Does our joy lie in a published book or in the characters and world and plot which we love thinking about? True, publication might be our goal, but writing is our passion.

So can we not just write?

I am truly happy to hear JK Rowling's stance on this, because I love (love) paper, but I personally think e-books are pretty darn awesome as well. In fact, the book I DID download on my iPad (free classic), I went out and bought a paperback later on. Don't laugh at me: If I love a book, I want to hug it. Literally. It's less weird hugging a paperback than it is an iPad. But the iPad version was sooo easy, and so efficient to read.

Change is GOOD. Change is NECESSARY. Change is scary too, but it is beautiful as well. Embrace change.

For those who hate e-books, go out and try one. I thought I hated them but reading at night became so much easier, and it was FUN! Please, everyone, remember: we are writers, and we are in this together.

Thank you so much JK Rowling for helping me finalize the thoughts that had been going around in my head. (Except that interview spoiled some of the plot of The Casual Vacancy for me.... AGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! But I skimmed it over because I couldn't not read it, so it might not be too bad.)

Thank you guys, and so sorry for missing yesterday's post. I hope I made it up to you today!

What do you think? Can the divide in our community be fixed? Can e-books and paperbacks live in harmony, or must one win?


  1. They can co-exist. Besides, not everyone can afford an eReader.
    I admit that after two years of reading on an iPad, I'm a total convert. I've only purchased on physical book during that time.

  2. Not me! I love my Kindle. I love the instant access. I really do. BUT...
    I love my paper. I love the feel, the smell, the love affair. I love to highlight and make notes when needed. I love to hug my book too, and I've done the same thing. Buy the book on Kindle, then run out and buy the paperback. Funny, right?

    I know Kindle gives you the ability to book mark and make notes, but to me, it's not the same.

    Anyway, I hope they can coexist because I don't want to be without either.

  3. I read both format, which makes me in-between people. :D When I analyze a book, I prefer to use the hardcopy. It's just easier for me that way. That's why I had to buy the hardback copy of a book I read not too long ago on my iPod touch.