Monday, August 27, 2012

Why are there no MG Dystopian books?


Is it because dystopian is a more 'serious' genre which MG can't handle? But why not have a lighter dystopian, with less gore and blood?

Because YA sales are shooting off? So is MG....

Because the 'famous' dystopians are YA? But why can't it be MG ?

I have not yet seen a query or a book that is a MG dystopian, and I'm not sure why. Agents are always looking for a fresh take on this genre because it is, honestly, close to being flooded right now. Wouldn't this MG age-group be a fresh take?

  1. Why do you guys think there are no (or very few) MG Dystopian books?
  2. Do you think MG Dystopians can work?

This will be a discussion for you guys in the comments. I'll post my take on this on Wednesday  :)

Thanks! I hope you have fun, and please, comment away! (I'll look really dumb if this gets zero comments.)


  1. You wouldn't look dumb!
    No idea why. Maybe it is because it's a serious subject.

  2. I've heard that editors and agents are looking for them. Everyone's busy writing YA dystopian books. They're forgetting about the siblings of the teens who read YA. The same thing happened with YA paranormal. Eventually the smart MG writers decided to write the genre. :)

  3. To me, I think the topic of dystopia is dark and complex when it is at it's best. It is a very gritty genre and is best suited for readers of higher age brackets, in my opinion anyways. Though I think if a writer could come up with a light-hearted dystopian tale, it could fit in with MG.

  4. In my story, Weighted. The girl is only 12, but she is beyond her years. It is DARK, but everything happens off camera. It is intense and probably not for every middle schooler.
    The Hunger Games is MG fiction. That is what it is characterized anyway.