Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Greatness of a Democratic Country

First of all, happy fourth of July everybody! Maybe I'll use fancy color for everything on this post. Never mind. It's too hard to read. Anyway, I hope you guys have an awesome time watching fireworks in this awesomely democratic country :)

For us writers, there can be nothing better than a democratic country. I mean, look at the actors in the movie, The Kite Runner, one of whom plead America to take him in because he was unsafe in his country due to his part in the movie.

Our country has its faults. In fact, I'd say that it has more than its share of faults. However, the thing I love about this country is that we, the citizens, have the power to aid those faults.

We writers have such a hard time even finding an AGENT to rep our books--imagine if the government had to inspect our books before publishing it. We live in a place where we can say what we want and express our ideas. If writers cannot express how they truly feel, we writers are in trouble. If we are stuck in a world of bigotry and close-mindedness, we are in trouble. There is little I feel more strongly against than a refusal to see every perspective of a subject. Bigotry sucks. Our country allows us to freely express our views, and the great thing is, we (technically) are free to express them.

I could not be more grateful to live in a democratic society. Even with all the faults the US has, I love the country for its people, for its diversity, and for its (technically) opposition to bigotry. We have freedoms. So many other places don't.

So I'd like to take today to celebrate 4th of July and thank our founding fathers for what they did to establish the principles of this country. It is a great place to live, especially for us writers. I could not be more thankful.

Happy 4th of July everybody! Why do you love this democracy so much?


  1. New follower here...

    We do live in an incredible place. ;)

    I wanted to drop by and say thanks for signing up to do the "What If?" Blogfest! I'm stoked you'll be participating. It'll be fun! ;D

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And I am so excited for it too :)