Monday, July 30, 2012

Dark Knight Rises REVIEW

This review will be very un-spoily!!!! The spoily part (barely spoily at all) comes a bit lower in this post, but I'll give you fair warning :)

This gets a 4.69 out of 5 stars. Here is why.

That .2 star I took off because this movie was SOO FREAKING DARK. (Evil kind of dark.) It was filled with murder, theives, pain, destruction... oh gosh, you name it. It was almost depressing. The problems kept piling on, and on, and on, and on, and it got so depressing because you couldn't find a way out.

The other .1 I took off was because this movie was 3 hours long, and in the middle, it felt like it. This was because more and more and MORE problems kept coming in, and, by the Law of Diminishing Returns, it just got depressing after a while. It grew a bit tiring.

Also, in the beginning, I didn't like Bane's voice. It grew on me later, but it was a bit... funny at first, hehe. So that's a .01.

Now the good parts.

THIS WAS EPIC. The ending was so heartbreaking, and the biggest thing I LOVE:

The world building. Hands down, the best. At the risk of spoilers, let's just say Gotham changes, and you get SUCH an insight of how all the people react and how different groups form, it is amazing. It's like a social criticism in itself. It is awesome.

Another awesome part was the air-tight plot! (In most parts.) I found only one slightly disbelievable thing in there, and that, I guess, can be waved off. And this was a HUGE accomplishment, given the scope and greatness of what the director had to accomplish. I do not envy him having to come up with something like that!
And I LOVED the movie because of the crazy action and the technological stuff. It was freaking awesome.

And, I llooovveed the movie because of Anne Hathaway. Enough said. She was fantastic.

Here is the slightly spoilery part, but not really at all. I guess if you are a die-hard fan, don't read this, but if you want to know more about the movie, read on :) I don't unveil crazy scenes.

I think you know (off of my bookshelf thingy in the toolbar to the right) that I love Tale of Two Cities. It is one of my most favorite books of all time. And, this movie was almost a retelling of that great book. I LOVED this movie because of this. Oh gosh... some scenes were done SO perfectly, and it was... ugh. Like.. UGH! I want to say but I can't at risk of spoilers! But the... setting designers, let's say, did an amazing job on the court room. Also, there was a page from the book read out in the movie, and that page, in my opinion, is the most beautifully written page of all literature. I was freaking out in excitement when I heard it.

All around, this is an action-packed thrill ride, which might drag on at some parts, but is DEFINITELY worth seeing. It is epic. Truly. The ending scenes are amazingly done. Enough said :)

Have you watched it? How did you like it? Are you going to watch it?


  1. I agree with your review! I thought it was too dark as well. And the 164 minute running time was made longer by fifteen minutes of commercials and previews. But it was really epic and a great way to end the series. Of course, now I want a movie about Robin...

  2. I can't wait to see this. I've heard its long. I'll just have to get the big popcorn ;)