Monday, July 2, 2012

Adele is PREGNANT!!!!!!!

This is news that shut down her website because EVERYONE went on it to see what was going on! It just got announced last Friday, and she is having a baby with her boyfriend.

I love this :))) Adele is my FAVORITE fun celebrity of all time (JK Rowling is my favorite celebrity that'd I'd love to talk to. She's amazing. Adele is more of a fun friend). Just watch her interview and you'll know why I love her so much. She names her wigs, and she's full of quotes such as:

"I make music for the ears, not for the eyes."

"I don't want to be like, 'Babe, I'm sorry, we got to break up. I got a new album to deliver."

"The guy this next song is about: not enough time has gone by since he was a f*****g prick to me."

And, one of my favorites when she was accepting her Grammy and she was crying: "Oh! Snot!"

She is the funniest celebrity I've seen.She doesn't give a crap for what people think of her ideas, her body image, her decisions... ANYTHING! Things that parents would shake their heads at, she'd just burst out laughing. (And her laughs are HILARIOUS. Check that link out. Trust me. You'll love it. Watttcchhhh it. Please.)

Thus, I am so excited at this baby she is having, and so glad that she has found someone she loves. She doesn't care about gimmicks, back-up dancers or any flashing lights. It is ALL her voice which brought her to such fame.  I LOVE ADELE.  She laid waste to the sight-oriented music industry with just two amazing albums.

I fall in love with books, but the MAIN reason I dive into them is when I love the author as well. This is why publicity is so important. I can't get enough of JK Rowling interviews. I watch every one on Youtube and they are so haunting, so true, and so real. Real. That is the theme. BE REAL.

That's what I am scared of, but what I know I must do: I can't 'tone down' my book  because I'm afraid to offend people. I already know my book will offend a lot of people, and that scares me so much. My book includes the toughest parts of my life, and I realized I have to be true; that might be the toughest thing I ever have to do. I fear opening up. I do.

Soon to come post: The Secret to Publicity. That post might be a two-parter, so subscribe so you know when it is coming. I'm excited for that one.

 Please, watch that Adele laughing video above. It's HYSTERICAL!

Which celebrities do you love the most? And why? What do you wish to do to connect with your present/future fans?


  1. Nice post! (: I've not listened to very much of Adele's music. I do adore Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You, though. My celebrities, unfortunately, are people I can't speak to. Because they're Japanese. Masashi Hamauzu, Eiko Shimamiya, Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura. Their music is just so amazing.

    I'm really kind of scared of opening up, probably for different reasons than you. The only thing that might offend people in my book is my ignorance about the state of Oregon. It's more of the fact I'm shy as it is, and I fear that anything I might say might seem wrong. SC, here's the thing about books:

    If it gains haters, raises controversy, causes debates:


    1. I've never heard of those singers, except that one video (lullaby) you sent to me in chat :) Hehehe, oh, as logn as you do your research I'm sure it'll be fine :) It is SO hard to set a book in a real place that you don't know too well. And I LOVE controversial books. Catcher in the Rye (I know you don't like it too much ;) ) is one of my favorites. But I'm just scared to open up. It's probably just stupid though.

  2. I love Adele too. This was a great post, SC. I can't name a celebrity I absolutely love...At least, none are coming to mind. I have mad respect for several and my opinions tend to differ from the masses sometimes. I respect James Patterson and I think people don't give him enough credit. People say he doesn't write all of his books, but he really does. I have respect for Stephen King, I think he's a genius.

    And to connect with my future fans? (Present ones too, if I have them) I am real, that's how I do it. Love me or hate me, but this is me. I'm sensitive and emotional. I swear a lot, more than I should, but oh well. I'm friendly and trusting. Everything I convey online is who I am. I don't lie well at all and besides lying takes too much work. I will always be me and people will either take it or leave it, but I can't do anything about who I am. I'm sure I open myself up more than a lot of people because that's just my nature. I want people to be open with me, so I'm open with them.

    And you'll come around eventually. You'll learn to open up. You already have by Tweeting and blogging. Plus chatting. :) And I think your book is awesome, controversy or not, don't worry about it. Write what you want to write because if your hearts not in it, then what's the point?

    I agree with Kendra...Books should have haters-it shows that people notice it. All the debates and controversy are a sign that the author has done something right.

    1. That is sooo true. You are the media queen, and I know that you are amazingly open in what you do :) I can tell from your blogs, chat, emails, etc. Even your writing! That is what I hope to do as well. And, hehee, yea, chatting is the best ;)

      I respect Patterson too. He obviously did something right. There are all these authors that get a lot of hate (two famous ones right now; I'm sure you know them) but I can't help but feeling that they did something right. Opening up is a big deal, and I feel that is the best thing about celebrities.

      Thanks for your comment!