Friday, July 6, 2012

3 Methods to Getting that AWESOME Breakthrough


There was this HUGE problem at the end of my book that I felt would leave people feeling angry/surprised. So now, I just had a major breakthrough. I've been thinking about this for sooooo long, literally, about ways to fix this problem. I threw in a bunch of character motivation, added in a lot of stuff, and now, in two easy mini-scenes and in one fell swoop, it will be fixed :) This is the problem that had been annoying me for a long time, and now it is gone.

I had been just thinking and thinking and thinking about it, and today, I finally went down the right path. I finally actually seriously thought about a good literary device I could use to fix this problem, and I thought of a device I never considered, and I laughed. I raised my hands up from my desk and cheered.

This was great. It was amazing, actually, because it all depends on that one little moment where you finally know what you've been missing all along. Everything just clicks into place.

There are many methods of getting a breakthrough, and yes, you can (for lack of a better word) force yourself to get a breakthrough. There will be a more thorough investigation into this later on, with sources from this one creativity book, but here is the gist:


1. Keep thinking about it over and over and over. And then over again. If you keep working at it, and keep thinking about ways to fix it, you will get that breakthrough. This is what happened to me above.

2. Keep thinking about it TONS, and then just don't think about it anymore. Forget about it. And then, in a flash, the answer will come to you. This is what happens why you suddenly remember the name of the song that had been stuck in your head for a long time.

3. Don't think about anything at all. This generally applies to actual manuscript ideas and premises. That flash of, "I'd love to write about this!"

There it is :) A more thorough analysis of the methods will come later, but I just wanted to write this because I was excited about my breakthrough :)

The Secret to Getting a Breakthrough will come soon!

How do/did you get your amazing breakthroughs? Was it a flash of inspiration that made you all happy?

Oohh, biggy question:

How did it feel to find that idea you would LOVE to write?


  1. Aren't these moments THE BEST??? It's so interesting how the answer just *comes* and fixes everything. Congrats on your breakthrough! I hope the inspiration keeps flowing :D

    1. Hehe, thanks! I LOVVEE when the answer just comes. It feels amazing, like the best thing in the world.

  2. I'm a lay-in-bed / think it to death while doing mindless work person myself. Feeling that you've fixed a plot problem is a great feeling!
    To reiterate the previous comment: I hope you inspiration keeps flowing!

    1. Thank you! Haha, I hate when I find that plot problem, but fixing it is the best feeling ever. I don't know. It's like a paradox.

  3. I usually go with number one and two on your list, like on repeat. Usually, my breakthroughs come while I'm writing. I don't know why - driving really relaxes me (well, not heavy traffic...cruising), usually with tunes.

    1. I think it's the same with any monotonous, brain-free activity (don't tell anyone I said driving is brain-free. The DMV might get a bit mad, hehe ;) ). That's where all the ideas muddle and it turns out GREAT!