Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winners of 100% Contest!

The winner of last night's contest is......

Actually, two people.

One: Stephanie Adele, with "I am 100% sure you are a cheater! :P" (Mostly because I thought it was really funny and good that it deserved recognition :) )

And two, Peter Burton with a very long list of reasons that you can find in the comments here. Here are the comments if you can't see the link, with my replies underlined. He had a bunch of awesome ones, some I debunked, and others... you decide :) The awesomest ones are below :)

Bald people have no hair growing on top of their heads.
ALL mammals have hair all over their skin; it's just too short to see most of the time. Even if you shave it, there is still a small layer.
Another medical fact: Once a hair follicle has died, it will never grow back, or begin to produce new hairs. So there are NO tiny hair follicles on the truly bald head, which means your explanation is in error, no tiny hard-to see hairs, because no live follicles to grow them. (100% true)

If you walk off of a ten story building on Earth without some external support, you will fall.
Hang glider ;) Not an external support, hehe!
A hang glider IS an external support. (And technically, to get tricksy right back, you are still falling... just at a much slower rate.) (100% true)I hoped you wouldn't have caught that....

Without an opening of some kind, you can not walk through a brick wall.
You might have got me here.....
Yeppers... I do. even if so called phasing existed you would have to use the openings (space) between atoms.

People are getting too smart now adays....
That goes to show, even the 'rule' that "There is no such thing as 100%s" is not 100% true! Thanks all of you for participating! I had tons of fun. See all the other comments and the cheating ways I debunked them right here. Hehehe. EDIT: Check out Kela's comments on that link too. Hers were awesome, but she commented just a bit too late :)

Hope you had fun!

What do you think about the replies? Any that you might be able to debunk right here? Give it a try!


  1. Haha yay!

    I think Peter definitely bested me by just sheer effort, but I'm glad my wittiness won me something! :)

    1. Hehe, yea, Peter came up with some pretty awesome ones :)